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Metacognitive Therapy

We interview the Danish therapist Pia Callesen about Metacognitive Therapy, MCT, which seems to be a great approach to moving out of rumination and depressen by approaching where attention is directed and minimizing thinking time, regardless of content.

NLP originated by modeling therapeutic interventions, originally gestalt therapy though Fritz Perls, family systems through Virginia Satir and hypnotherapy through Milton Erickson. NLP looks not at what is said or thought, rather how.

The interesting part of MCT is that it also isn't about what you think, rather how much time you spend doing so.

By directing your attention out of your mind, for example to sounds around you, you gentle slide away from the rumination process that seems to cause depression in 5-6 sessions. Pia has written Live More, Think Less - recommended reading. Here is our interview with Pia and her young assistant.


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