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About Durgamadhab Coffee Estate

Nestled in the foothills of the Eastern Ghats, Durgamadhab Coffee Estate is a young, modestly sized coffee farm owned and managed by Mr. Trilochana Satapathy. The estate, established in 1998, is spread over 15 acres of lush green land in Desanaikguda village, located on the outskirts of the town of Koraput in the State of Odisha. The estate is surrounded by the pristine deciduous forests of the Eastern Ghats that are home to a wide array of endemic flora and fauna, including various jungle spices, herbs and wild plants foraged by the indigenous tribal communities. The combination of an elevation of 900 metres above sea level, average annual rainfall of 1300-1500 mm, fertile soil covering an undulating hilly terrain and access to fresh, underutilized groundwater provides the estate with favourable conditions for production of high-quality coffee. The estate has over 16,000 coffee plants producing approximately 4 tons of export quality, washed Arabica coffee every year. One of the priorities of the estate is to ensure that the farm workers are taken well care of. The estate is known to pay above-market wages not just to the seasonal coffee pickers but to its permanent employees (belonging to backward sections of the section) that reside within the estate. In addition to free housing, the estate ensures free electricity, free water and free medical facilities for its employees.