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Matt Hudson - Biofield Engineering

5:e mars 2019

Biofield Engineering

– Probably the next step in human evolution

What do you do when you have gone as far as NLP can take you and you still need answers? This is where I was just a few years ago when I was getting great client results and wanted to make it easier for them to change and for my students to learn.

If you are a professional NLP coach or you’ve just begun your development journey then this may prove to be a very significant piece in your life puzzle…

I detta webinar beskriver Matt Hudson sitt jobb kring Biofield engineering och visar metoder för att snabba pattern interrupt för te. klaustrofobi och höjdrädsla. Han beskriver också de 4 metaprogram han upptäckt finns i bakom varje sjukdom och hur vi använder detta i pace and lead. Han ställer också frågan "Is the brain really the mind..?" 

Spännande webinar med nya tankar kring hur vi jobbar med kropp och tanke - och var ligger egentligen våra hinder?


About Matt Hudson

Behavioural Change Consultant, author and authority on "How the mind actually works", Matt Hudson has a long history of success within the field of personal development. He has and still continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for a person’s health, intelligence and wellbeing.

His passion is unconscious communication and helping others to realise the message that their spirit is sending them via their body. Often the most unreachable and most hopeless cases are transformed into positive outcomes for client’s and Matt has managed to distill his eclectic approach into a trainable program.

One of Matt’s books, ‘The Saboteur Within’, reached the Amazon No.1 International Best Sellers list and still continues to help many readers today. Showing you why self-help fails and how you can overcome it. Matt is currently working alongside universities in the UK who are collaborating to support his wish of bringing the human ‘mind’ to the academic table.


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