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Doug O'Brien - The Structure Of Beliefs

Doug O´Brien started his NLP life over 35 years ago taking a firewalk weekend seminar from Tony Robbins who, at the time,was an NLP trainer using the firewalk as an introduction to NLP and evidence that it works. Doug went on to get his Practitioner Certificate from Tony. Master Practitioner from Robert Dilts and his Trainers training certification from Richard Bandler.

He has been a Trainer since 1990 and a Master Trainer of NLP since the mid 90´s while also delving deeply into Ericksonian Hypnosis, studying with Stephen Gilligan and a who´s who of Ericksonians over the years. Doug is Trainer of NLP, Sleigh of mouth, and Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis with an engaging and clear teaching style. His 2011 book “The User´s Guide to Sleigh of Mouth” is considered by many to be the go-to treatise on the subject.

We have asked Doug to talk about the construction of beliefs. Join, interact with Doug and learn more together with our community.


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