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Connirae Andreas - Coming to wholeness

24 april 2018

Eastern spiritual teachings tell us that “suffering” goes away when we dissolve the ego. But what is the ‘ego’ and how does one dissolve it? In this session Connirae will introduce us to “the Wholeness Work,” a new and practical way of doing inner work that offers a precise way of dissolving the everyday sense of the ego. It can be used both to heal and resolve problems, and as a gentle personal practice. Typical results include *deep relaxation of the nervous system, *greater capacity to deal with stress with grace and humor, *resolves sleep issues. The session will include a guided group experience, questions and answers, and if time a demonstration of the first Wholeness process for resolving life issues.

The Wholeness Work was inspired by Connirae’s personal experience with Dr. Milton Erickson during the last year of his life, along with a specific spiritual teaching which Connirae has modeled into a precise and doable method. It’s possible that this work gives us access to a more fundamental aspect of the structure of our experience, and along with this greater access to wellbeing, emotional intelligence, and wisdom. Workshop participants have described it as “accessing the machine coding of being a human being.”

Dr. Andreas is working on the first in a series of books on this new way of working, tentatively titled “Coming to Wholeness: a new path of awakening and resolving life issues.”

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